Joint WVCG and RSA re-enactment


Members should all be aware by now that the Pichi Richi Troop Train event has been cancelled. This was a Disappointment for those of us who were intending to attend. But we will still be holding a joint re-enactment event with our
friends of the RSA.

The event will be held in the Mt Crawford forest on Saturday 21/09/2013 for a day of combat. The theme will be France
1944, so we will all fit in, however the RSA are very sensitive regarding authenticity. So if we participate we must look
the part, For Axis forces they suggest Luftwaffe Fallschurmjager coveralls. Captured Jeeps will be OK with captured

It is suggested we be in the forest any time from 0800 Hr’s. The battle commences at 0900 Hr’s. We meet at the Cromer
Campsite. The forest is booked until 1400 Hr’s on Sunday so you can camp overnight on Saturday.

Download flyer here
Download Mt Crawford map here