Barossa Wine Tour 23 Feb

Kev Tipler has organised this summer’s Barossa wine tour on Saturday 23 Feb.


  • Meet at Seppeltsfield for Coffee/Wine tasting at 10.30
  • Lunch/Wine tasting at Lambert’s Winery at 12.30
  • Afternoon at Thorne Clark for wine tasting
  • Finish at Liebecks for fortified tasting

Military vehicles are preferred, but civvy vehicles are ok.

Those interested please contact Kev Tipler on 0403 267 294 or as we need to confirm numbers. Kev can also provide instructions on how to get to Seppeltsfield for those unfamiliar with the Valley.

Australia Day Parade Update – Saturday 26 January

Members interested in attending the Australia Day parade on Saturday 26 January should contact Rick Shearman, if you have not already indicated your interest .

We are in group H10, and form up at the intersection of Pitt and Franklin Streets at 1700 hrs for a 1800 start. Heat policy is the parade will be cancelled if the forecast temperature exceeds 40C.

Tony Cole has booked a table at the Hackney Hotel for dinner after the parade. Anyone interested in joining Tony should contact him at, or Rick Shearman, or Mick Jenner so we can confirm numbers.


Xmas Dinner – Stanley Bridge Tavern Verdun 16 December

This year’s Xmas Dinner was held for lunch in the private room of the Stanley Bridge Hotel at Verdun  on Sunday 16 December. A club meeting was held in the private function room prior to the meal. Full Members and Partners were entitled to a subsidy of $10 per head.

A pleasant social club event enjoyed by all who attended, in a comfortable country venue.

Xmas Function – Kersbrook Tavern 10 December

The Club held this year’s Xmas function at the Kersbrook Tavern on 10 December. All members and their partners enjoyed a relaxed lunch in a quiet and comfortable setting.

NOTE: the January meeting will be cancelled as we will be holding a meeting in conjunction with a club run from Mt Torrens to Rick’s Farm on Saturday 13 Jan.


WVCG Vehicles at the National Motor Museum

The club has been invited to display members vehicles in the club space area of the National Motor Museum. Thanks to the museum curator Matthew Lombard and his staff for organizing this display.

Rick Shearman’s M8 Greyhound as transported to the museum on the back of a tilt-tray truck.

Vehicles currently on display

IMG_0908 IMG_0907 IMG_0906 IMG_0905


Hindmarsh Island Club Run – Tiger Moth

Club member Marc Turner is organizing a club run to Hindmarsh Island to visit a friend who operates historic Tiger Moth bi-planes. As the operator has informed us be will be unable to undertake flying on the proposed date of 13 November, this day has now been postponed to April 2017.

Flights in a Tiger Moth will be available for members. The club may also conduct a raffle fora  flight  those who do not wish to pay the full amount.

Camping will be available on the site, and swags may be used in the hangar.

More to follow!

WVCG Gumeracha to Anderson Hill Winery Run

On Sunday 22 May the club held a run from  Gumeracha to Anderson Hill Winery  via back-roads. The event was organized by Kev Tipler, and was attended by Mick and Deb Jenner and Marc Turner. Kev also took his neighbours  along for the ride. On arrival at the winery we imbibed in wine tasting and ordered Wood-fired pizzas.

The weather held off during the run, but some drizzle came in later in the day. A very enjoyable day for all involved. Well done Kev!

anderson hill 1 anderson hill 2

Marc re-aligning the vineyard!

anderson hill 3

Marc’s Jeep through the rear window of Mick Jenner’s jeep.

IMG_7990 IMG_8007 IMG_8021 IMG_8032 IMG_8034 IMG_8035


A quick cover-up when the rain came.

IMG_8049 IMG_8052 IMG_8059

A bit wet on the way home!

Bay to Birdwood Run

The annual Bay to Birdwood rally was held on Sunday 28th September 2014. This years event was for vehicles manufactured prior to 1956 and the run was well supported leaving the Bay at exactly 0830 Hrs for the long drive through the city and into the Adelaide Hills finishing up at the Auto Museum in Birdwood.

There were large crowds who again took to their vantage points along the 70 Klm route. Around 20 plus military vehicles in the run with 8 from our own club which was great to see. It was good that they all made it to Birdwood without incident.

Once we left the outskirts of the city and started to climb into the Adelaide Hills we passed a number of the old timers pulled over to the side of the road due to overheating. The day was very hot with very strong winds, which was at times unpleasant for the drivers and onlookers.


Mick Jenner drove his RAN 1943 MB Jeep all the way from Mt Barker to take part in the Rally. He was accompanied by Tony Van Rhoda


Dave Lean of the RSA Group drove is Africa Korps WW2 BMW Motorcycle and sidecar. They were  nicely turned out in authentic Africa Korp uniforms and were constantly in demand for photographs.


Tony Cole drove his beautifully turned out CJ Jeep


Pedr Horley drove his Dodge Weapons Carrier.


Kevin Tickler drove his 1942 MB Jeep and Trailer down from Gumeracha.


Richard Sanders drove his beautifully turned out amphibious Jeep




The RSA held a WW2 re-enactment battle in the Mount Crawford Forest over the weekend of 25th—27th July 2014. The battle was the taking of the Nijmegen Bridge by allied forces in 1944. This action was later was a part in the movie, “A Bridge Too Far “. The main battle RSA took part on the 25th and the following WVCG members supplied vehicles that took part in the battle re-enactment:

Rick Shearman in his M8 Greyhound and Adam Burge working the 37MM Cannon.
As part of the Allied Force.

Mick Jenner in his 1942 Willys Jeep, as “Horst Muller” for the Axis Forces.

Tony Van Rhoda in his LR 110 as “War Correspondent and Cameraman”.

The weather was kind considering there had been a lot of rain leading up to the weekend. Everything went of well with the only casualty being Tony’s L R 110 getting bogged down to the axles. A field recovery with the help of a heavy vehicle only took a few minutes to be back on the road again.

rsa.july.2014.1 rsa.july.2014.2 rsa.july.2014.3 rsa.july.2014.4 rsa.july.2014.6 rsa.july.2014.7

Registration Day and Hills Run

A dozen dedicated souls braved the cold to support the new venue for the 2014
Registration Day BBQ at Steam Roller Park in Stirling. This was the first time the
WVCG Rego Day was held in the Adelaide Hills. A BBQ lunch was supplied for
those who attended and all agreed it was a good venue even though we clashed
with the Stirling Markets which made parking a bit tight., but not a problem. It was
pleasing to see 3 Jeeps—1 Mutt and a Land Rover participate for the Fun Run
through the hills to Meadows. Kevin Tipler bought his Jeep on a trailer so he could
join us. Everyone lined up in front of the Meadows Pub for the line up photo and a
beer before departing our separate ways back home. Everyone agreed it was well
worth the effort and we should do it again next year.



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