Registration Day and Hills Run

A dozen dedicated souls braved the cold to support the new venue for the 2014
Registration Day BBQ at Steam Roller Park in Stirling. This was the first time the
WVCG Rego Day was held in the Adelaide Hills. A BBQ lunch was supplied for
those who attended and all agreed it was a good venue even though we clashed
with the Stirling Markets which made parking a bit tight., but not a problem. It was
pleasing to see 3 Jeeps—1 Mutt and a Land Rover participate for the Fun Run
through the hills to Meadows. Kevin Tipler bought his Jeep on a trailer so he could
join us. Everyone lined up in front of the Meadows Pub for the line up photo and a
beer before departing our separate ways back home. Everyone agreed it was well
worth the effort and we should do it again next year.



Legion of Frontiersmen Fundraiser


Fellow club members John and Kerryn Jenner are involved in an Army Cadet Unit, “Legion of Frontiersmen”. These young Australian boys and girls do a fantastic job in the community and are heavily involved on Anzac Days carrying the banners identifying marching units.

John has issued an invitation to all WVCG members and friends to attend a fund raiser Cabaret at the Enfield Hotel on the 23rd August 2014, the featured entertainer will be Linda McCarthy. So we suggest you organise a group and place the date in your calendar. 


For details click on the attached brochure.

Linda McCarthy poster