The Next WVCG Meeting Tower Hotel Magill Tues 2 November

The next WVCG meeting will be held at 7.00 pm on Tuesday November 2  at the Tower Hotel Magill. Items to discuss include the wine run report, Xmas function and Australia Day.

COVID UPDATE. We have been advised by the venue (Tower Hotel) that there is ample availability for places at the meeting (60). However masks are still required when entering the premises, and ordering food and drinks. Masks are not required when eating and/or drinking, and patrons must be seated when consuming food and drinks.

See you all there!


Club Registration Day – Stanley Bridge Tavern Verdun 4 July

This year’s club Registration Day was held in the private room of the Stanley Bridge Hotel at VerdunĀ  on Sunday 4 July from 12.00. A brief club meeting was held prior to lunch.

Mick Jenner received membership fees and updated log books. Kev Tipler reported on the Simpson Desert trip. Due to Covid restrictions members, partners and guests were required to be seated when consuming drinks. However, it was a still great day enjoyed by all in a lovely country tavern.

Simpson Desert Club Run

An intrepid group of club members have organized a trip crossing the Simpson Desert in their WW2 Jeeps from 13-26 June 2021. The vehicles have undergone substantial preparation in readiness for the trip. Each Jeep will be required to carry up to 9 jerry cans as fuel will not be available for the crossing. The drivers will report their progress regularly.

Proposed itinerary is

Day 1 – Meet at Melrose.

Day 2 – Farina Ruins

Day 3 – Beresford

Day 4 – Algebuckina Bridge

Day -5 Dalhousie Springs

Days 6 – 11 Simpson Desert

Day 12 – Mulgarannie

Day 13 – Maree

Day 14 – Ororoo

Day 15 – Head Home