36th Corowa Swin-Inn and Military Gathering


Adelaide Re-enactment and Military Society Crimea Re-enactment

Old Tailem Town 2016 Crimea Campaigns 1941-42, 1944

The Adelaide Re-enacting & Military Society (ARMS) wishes to cordially invite all WW2 re-enactors to our Commemorative Historical Re-enactment. This year will see an event covering both the early war Crimea Campaign, and the late war Crimea Offensive. This is to commemorate the 75th anniversaty of the Second World War campaigns and acknowledge the 160th anniversary of the Crimean war of 1853-56.

– Blank Supply available for purchase from ARMS (approved blank may be brought).
– Loan equipment available by arrangement.
– Camp site at Old Tailem Town available.
– On site Barracks & Mess Hall.
– On site toilet facilities.
– Eastern Front event.
– Street Fighting and open warfare scenarios.
– Three hot meals provided as part of event fees.
– Musical entertainment provided live by the Adelaide German Band Saturday night.
– Arrival 6th May 2016, Event 7th May 2016, Departure 8th May 2016.

For an event briefing please contact:

Eugene Wasilenia: emwasilenia@hotmail.com


David Schneider: dp.schneider@bigpond.com

Or check our website for joining instructions and updates at:


A Facebook event has also been created. To be invited simply contact Eugene or David.

Joining instructions attached.

General Instruction VE Crimea 2016


Australia Day Parade

The 2016 Australia Day Parade was held on the usual day, and was an event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Lots of colour, enthusiasm, and a great atmosphere . A good turn out of military vehicles was had, and for once, it the extremes of heat were not an issue. WVCG club member Kevin Tipler gave some Brazilians a lift to the Parade in his Jeep, and managed to keep a brave face whilst doing so. Chin up Kevin, the things we have to do !!!


ausday3 ausday2


Visit to Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbour


In early July 2015 I was in Hawaii on a family re-union and took the opportunity to visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour. This is still a large operational base, so the authorities have constructed a visitor centre with extensive gardens on the western side of the harbour, easily accessible from Honolulu via the main freeway.

On arrival we were advised that entry to the Arizona Memorial was free, but we were required to book ahead and individual tickets were issued after sighting ID. (Passports for foreigners, drivers licences for US citizens). The base was on high alert due to the recent Independence Day celebrations. A ticket was also required for my 2-year old grand-daughter.


There were charges to visit other nearby sites including USS Bowfin (a WW2 submarine), USS Missouri (where the Japanese surrender was held) and the Pacific Aviation museum.

At the appropriate time we were taken to an auditorium to view a film of the attack on Pearl Harbour, which included an analysis of prior Japanese history which I thought was very balanced.

The Arizona memorial is only accessible by barge as the ship is located alongside mangroves adjacent to Ford Island across the harbour. We boarded the barge manned by US Marines, and were taken for a short ride across the harbour to the Arizona site where an open memorial building has been constructed across the ship. It is painted in dazzling white and stands out starkly against the mangroves, the water and the nearby ships and buildings.


On entry to the memorial you immediately feel the reverence of the building as it sits a-stance of the ship still housing some 900 sailors who were unable to be saved when the vessel rolled over and sunk.


The outline of the ship is visible from the visitor platform and the housing of one gun is still visible above the waterline. The Arizona still leaks bunker oil, but as the ship is a war grave no-one is allowed to enter it.


Around 2400 US personnel lost their lives during the attack, and their names are inscribed in a marble wall on one end of the memorial.


One interesting feature of the memorial, described to us by the duty personnel, is the ability of former Arizona crew, who survived the war, to be interred in the ship with their former shipmates. To date 9 former crew members have accepted this offer, and their names are inscribed on a separate marble monument on the memorial.

After the visit we had lunch in the extensive memorial gardens, which also has a display of those who lost their lives, and a bronze map of the location of the various vessels during the attack.


On the way back to Honolulu we visited the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific located in the crater of a huge extinct volcano which houses around 13,000 headstones of US and Allied personnel who died in the Pacific during WW2.

pacific cemetary

Mick Jenner

Hills Christmas Run

Club Christmas Meeting and Run to Pike and Joyce winery in the Adelaide Hills


The club will be holding the Christmas meeting on Sunday 6 December at the Pike and Joyce winery in the Adelaide Hills followed by a 3-course Christmas meal provided by the winery. The club will subsidise meal costs to the value of $20 per head including partners. This is to be preceded by a little club run through the hills.

Members are to meet at the Crafers Park and Ride at 1200 hours. Military vehicles are preferred, however civilian vehicles may be used. Member’s partners are welcome.

Meal costs are $70 per head of which $20 will be subsidised by the club. Wines, beers and other drinks are available for purchase.

Members interested in attending should contact Rick Shearman or Mick Jenner, so numbers can finalized.

NOTE: The normal meeting at the Tower Hotel will not be held for December.

See map attached.

pike+joyce map

See You There!


2016 Anzac Day March

This year’s ANZAC Day parade was held in perfect weather, and supported by a good showing of historic military vehicles from clubs across Adelaide.  This year marked the 101st anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, and was well attended by  veterans from numerous campaigns. The transport provided by club vehicles was well utilized by some veterans.  Abundant sunshine ensured a large crowd of spectators lining the march route , which definitely contributed to the overall success of the event.

anzac day 1anzac day 2  anzac day 3 anzac day 4

anzac day 5

anzac day 6 anzac day 8 anzac day 9 anzac day 10 anzac say 7


Military Items for Sale

Please find listed below all my stuff I am selling off that may be of interest. I could sell each item or I could batch items for a price mutually expectable. Or I could sell the lot as shown again for a single all up price.

If interested in purchasing any items please contact Tony Van Rhoda.
Phone: 08 8536 26 27
Email: gumbrae@acenet.net.au

Brand New MB or GPWJeep rear seat backrest. Priced to sell. $60.00

Large Ammo Box -16cm H x 46cmWx 22cm D -Priced to sell $35.00


Vietnam Era – Back Pack. Good condition. Going cheap $35.00


Vietnam Era – Full Harness 2 x Basic pouches, 3 x water bottles, Bum Pack On Web belt, and Harness
Including Olive drab Hootchie.

Very Good price $75.00


I also have for sale a Coleman 60 second Tent (10 ft x 9 ft ) As new only used once, includes a new rain cover never used . Plus a brand new large heavy duty stretcher, never used.



The lot for a special price $350.00


Club baseball caps for sale

We have a new style Club Baseball Cap for sale to members.They are Khaki colour with the WVCG Logo on the front.
They are for sale to club members for $20 each and if the club meeting on the 6th January 2015 was anything to go by when every member present purchased one they are not going
to last long.
So open your wallets and let the moths out and purchase your club cap before they are all gone. Remember $20 each is good value.

capThe association is currently looking at Khaki shirts with “WVCG” embroidered on one side and your name on the other.More details later.

Visit to Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery Burma


Mick and Deb JENNER and Tony and Jo VAN RHODA visited the Taukkyan War Cemetery in Myanmar (Formally Burma) about 35 kilometers from Yangon (Formally Rangoon). We were surprised how beautifully the cemetery was being maintained. The Taukkyan War Cemetery is the largest of the three war cemeteries in Myanmar, It was started in 1951 to consolidate the graves from four remote battlefield cemeteries, all of which were extremely difficult to access for friends and relatives. The different battlefield cemeteries have been kept distinct within the grounds of the Taukkyan site.

Numerous other bodies were retrieved from smaller remote jungle sites and also brought here, but the continuing conflict in Burma after the war delayed the work of the Army Graves Service. More graves are still being found, but so far the cemetery contains 6,374 bodies of Commonwealth soldiers. Of these 867 are unidentified. The central pillars are the Rangoon Memorial, bearing the names of 27,000 men who died during the campaigns in Burma and whose body was never retrieved, along with the inscription “they died for all free men”.

We all agreed our visit to the Taukkyan War Cemetery was one of the highlights of our holiday in Malaysia and Myanmar and well worth the visit, though hard to access as Myanmar which is a poor country is only just opening up to tourism and not yet up to the standard we are used to like those found in more affluent Asian countries. It was a visit Mick and I had planned to do for a long time.





Flowers and photos of one of a still missing in action serviceman left by relatives who recently visited the memorial, it is seeing the young face and the not knowing what happened that makes you feel sad.


Australia Day Parade

The 2015 Australia Day Parade was well supported by WVCG members who provided Nine vehicles in the parade and proudly showed off their restored vehicles. The huge crowds lining the route down King William Street enthusiastically applauded each vehicle as they passed by. This was the biggest turnout of WVCG members and their vehicles in recent years, despite a number of members who had indicated they would participate, but did not turn up on the day, well maybe next year will be even larger. The following photos are of members vehicles who made the day a success.


Rick Shearman with an attractive entrant! DSC03888 DSC03889 DSC03891 DSC03895 DSC03899 DSC03908 IMG_0409




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