Australia Day Parade

The 2015 Australia Day Parade was well supported by WVCG members who provided Nine vehicles in the parade and proudly showed off their restored vehicles. The huge crowds lining the route down King William Street enthusiastically applauded each vehicle as they passed by. This was the biggest turnout of WVCG members and their vehicles in recent years, despite a number of members who had indicated they would participate, but did not turn up on the day, well maybe next year will be even larger. The following photos are of members vehicles who made the day a success.


Rick Shearman with an attractive entrant! DSC03888 DSC03889 DSC03891 DSC03895 DSC03899 DSC03908 IMG_0409




Bay to Birdwood Run

The annual Bay to Birdwood rally was held on Sunday 28th September 2014. This years event was for vehicles manufactured prior to 1956 and the run was well supported leaving the Bay at exactly 0830 Hrs for the long drive through the city and into the Adelaide Hills finishing up at the Auto Museum in Birdwood.

There were large crowds who again took to their vantage points along the 70 Klm route. Around 20 plus military vehicles in the run with 8 from our own club which was great to see. It was good that they all made it to Birdwood without incident.

Once we left the outskirts of the city and started to climb into the Adelaide Hills we passed a number of the old timers pulled over to the side of the road due to overheating. The day was very hot with very strong winds, which was at times unpleasant for the drivers and onlookers.


Mick Jenner drove his RAN 1943 MB Jeep all the way from Mt Barker to take part in the Rally. He was accompanied by Tony Van Rhoda


Dave Lean of the RSA Group drove is Africa Korps WW2 BMW Motorcycle and sidecar. They were  nicely turned out in authentic Africa Korp uniforms and were constantly in demand for photographs.


Tony Cole drove his beautifully turned out CJ Jeep


Pedr Horley drove his Dodge Weapons Carrier.


Kevin Tickler drove his 1942 MB Jeep and Trailer down from Gumeracha.


Richard Sanders drove his beautifully turned out amphibious Jeep




The RSA held a WW2 re-enactment battle in the Mount Crawford Forest over the weekend of 25th—27th July 2014. The battle was the taking of the Nijmegen Bridge by allied forces in 1944. This action was later was a part in the movie, “A Bridge Too Far “. The main battle RSA took part on the 25th and the following WVCG members supplied vehicles that took part in the battle re-enactment:

Rick Shearman in his M8 Greyhound and Adam Burge working the 37MM Cannon.
As part of the Allied Force.

Mick Jenner in his 1942 Willys Jeep, as “Horst Muller” for the Axis Forces.

Tony Van Rhoda in his LR 110 as “War Correspondent and Cameraman”.

The weather was kind considering there had been a lot of rain leading up to the weekend. Everything went of well with the only casualty being Tony’s L R 110 getting bogged down to the axles. A field recovery with the help of a heavy vehicle only took a few minutes to be back on the road again.

rsa.july.2014.1 rsa.july.2014.2 rsa.july.2014.3 rsa.july.2014.4 rsa.july.2014.6 rsa.july.2014.7

Registration Day and Hills Run

A dozen dedicated souls braved the cold to support the new venue for the 2014
Registration Day BBQ at Steam Roller Park in Stirling. This was the first time the
WVCG Rego Day was held in the Adelaide Hills. A BBQ lunch was supplied for
those who attended and all agreed it was a good venue even though we clashed
with the Stirling Markets which made parking a bit tight., but not a problem. It was
pleasing to see 3 Jeeps—1 Mutt and a Land Rover participate for the Fun Run
through the hills to Meadows. Kevin Tipler bought his Jeep on a trailer so he could
join us. Everyone lined up in front of the Meadows Pub for the line up photo and a
beer before departing our separate ways back home. Everyone agreed it was well
worth the effort and we should do it again next year.



Legion of Frontiersmen Fundraiser


Fellow club members John and Kerryn Jenner are involved in an Army Cadet Unit, “Legion of Frontiersmen”. These young Australian boys and girls do a fantastic job in the community and are heavily involved on Anzac Days carrying the banners identifying marching units.

John has issued an invitation to all WVCG members and friends to attend a fund raiser Cabaret at the Enfield Hotel on the 23rd August 2014, the featured entertainer will be Linda McCarthy. So we suggest you organise a group and place the date in your calendar. 


For details click on the attached brochure.

Linda McCarthy poster


We will be holding the 2015 inspection day on Sunday 21 June from 12 midday, at the Steamroller Park Stirling, followed by a run through the hills to the Hagen Arms hotel at Echunga.

Committee members will be on hand to stamp registrations, and accept membership fees. Tony Van Rhoda JP will be on hand to sign stat-decs. A sausage sizzle and tea and coffee will be provided.

NOTE: Members with Historically Registered vehicles will be required to have their vehicles inspected by 30 June this year in order to maintain their Historic Registration. It will not be sufficient this year just to submit a stat-dec. If unable to attend the Inspection Day members should contact the club inspectors, Aaron Fell or Rick Shearman to arrange an alternative time and venue.

Steamroller Park in Stirling has electric barbecues, park benches, toilets, and cover from inclement weather. Off-street parking is available nearby. On entry to Stirling from the South-Eastern freeway, turn right around the first round-about.


Steamroller Park, Stirling




Amateur Radio Licence Course


Proposed Amateur Radio Licence Course.

At the General Meeting on  6th May 2014 a discussion was held regarding radios fitted and used by WVCG members. Members were advised that to operate a transmitting radio, a member must hold an amateur radio operator licence.

For those not currently holding the required licence, and the meeting was advised that a senior assessor of the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society had offered to run a course specifically for our members. This offer is appreciated as that would mean our members would obtain specialised assistance on the course to obtain their radio licence. A number of members attending the general meeting indicated their willingness to do the course. There will be a small fee for attending the course (eg$20). This will be confirmed when final numbers are known.

For further information please download the following document.


Tony Van Rhoda did the course last year and can fully recommend it as it opens up a whole new hobby and as a licenced radio operator you can join the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society. Tony has now purchased equipment and is currently setting up his radio shack.

If interested in attending, please advise Tony via email on: Once we have numbers we will advise those attending of the cost, date, times and venue of the course.


NEXT JOINT EVENT – Re-enact SA and the WVCG will be conducting a tactical event at Mt Crawford Forest. On Friday 25th – Sunday 27th July 2014.



This is to give WVCG members advance notice of a joint club event  to be held by WVCG and RSA in the Mount Crawford forest on the 26 –27 July 2014.

 This is a joint venture between the two clubs. The WVCG members will supply the vehicles and be part of the re enactment battle between allied and Axis forces. The re enactment battle on the weekend of 26-27 July will be part of “Operation Market Garden” . The battle for the bridge in Nijmegen— Holland in 1944. 

It should be a great experience for all those participating and  for WVCG members to use their vehicles as they were used in WW2.  The RSA will be in the forest for 3 days, but the main battle will be on Saturday, 26th July, it will be up to individual members as to how long they wish to stay, but the main day of battle is on the Saturday so if you can make it for that day, that would be fantastic.

The battles will be as realistic as the actual  battles fought using blank ammunition and pyrotechnics to simulate the real thing. This will be a great experience for those of you who have not previously been involved in battle Re enactment before.

As this is only an advance notice, it would be appreciated if you would place the date in your diary. Further information updates will be forwarded  as we get closer to the date. In the meantime I am looking for expressions of interest from WVCG members and request you advise me of the following so we can allocated  vehicles to respective units, either as Allies or Axis.

You will be required to wear what ever uniform and kit you have. Further instructions later.  If you can make it please advise the editor below of the following:

 1. Your name and contact number.

  2. Your vehicle, type and make.

 3. How long you are staying . ( weekend or just the day of battle ).

 4. What military equipment you have ie; uniforms kit weapons etc.

We are looking for good support of WVCG members on the day.


 Vice President/Editor


For Details of the event, contact Pedr Horley for details. Phone 0437 534 559 or email






ANZAC Day 2014

Well another Anzac Day has come and gone and the march was well supported by members of the WVCG who provided vehicles to carry elderly veterans who could no longer March.

We are all looking forward to next year when the 2015 Anzac Day March will celebrate 100 years of WW1. We will be looking for support from our many members whose vehicles will be needed. Below are some photos of some of our members who turned up with their vehicles.


Hugh Davis Desert coloured Ute carried Lady Downer.


Mick Jenner in his Navy Jeep with a veteran and his son.


Tony Van Rhoda carried National Servicemen in his Landrover Perentie.


Three generations of the Hornibrook family were involved in the march and John’s Jeep was driven in the march by his son Darren.


Richard Sanders Jeep carried veterans of the 10/48 Battalion in the march.


Kevin Tipler in his Jeep and Pedr Horley’s Landrover with members of the National Servicemen’s Association.


Adrian Nieckarz in his Austin Champ carried members of the Royal Artillery in the march.

For Sale – Ex army no 5 Trailer


No: 5 ex Army Trailer for sale in excellent condition—No Rust,
has good tyres and tarp cover. These trailers are still being used
by the Australian army. New wheel bearing recently fitted.

The trailer can be yours for:


Contact: Tony Van Rhoda.
Ph: 08 8536 2627 Mob: 0409 833 879

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