Amateur Radio Licence Course


Proposed Amateur Radio Licence Course.

At the General Meeting onĀ  6th May 2014 a discussion was held regarding radios fitted and used by WVCG members. Members were advised that to operate a transmitting radio, a member must hold an amateur radio operator licence.

For those not currently holding the required licence, and the meeting was advised that a senior assessor of the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society had offered to run a course specifically for our members. This offer is appreciated as that would mean our members would obtain specialised assistance on the course to obtain their radio licence. A number of members attending the general meeting indicated their willingness to do the course. There will be a small fee for attending the course (eg$20). This will be confirmed when final numbers are known.

For further information please download the following document.


Tony Van Rhoda did the course last year and can fully recommend it as it opens up a whole new hobby and as a licenced radio operator you can join the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society. Tony has now purchased equipment and is currently setting up his radio shack.

If interested in attending, please advise Tony via email on: Once we have numbers we will advise those attending of the cost, date, times and venue of the course.

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