Club Run to Rick’s Farm for BBQ 13 January

On Saturday 13 January the club will be holding a run from Mt Torrens Hotel to Rick’s Farm via the backroads through the rolling hills, followed by an evening BBQ and club meeting. Meet at Mt Torrens Hotel for lunch at 1300. The run to Rick’s will commence from Mt Torrens at around 1430 for those wishing to partake. Alternatively meet at Rick’s at 1700. Families and friends are welcome.

Directions to Rick’s

On the Mt Torrens to Tunkillo Road turn right onto Harrogate Road (Dirt) 9.5 km from Mt Torrens. Turn  left onto Collins Road, then turn left onto Brinkworth Range Road. Veer right onto Brinkworth Road, then over Dairy Creek. Rick’s is up the hill on the left.

Members and families are welcome to camp overnight.

The January meeting at the Tower Hotel will be cancelled.