A Night Out With The Sea Scouts

On evening of the 10th April members of the WVCG attended the Noarlunga Sea Scout Troop at their base head quarters.

5 WVCG members vehicles were placed on display for the sea Scouts to view and each member and described their vehicle and spoke about their role in WW2. The Sea Scouts were broken into groups and were able to talk to the owners and sit in the vehicles.
The Noarlunga Sea Scout Group is the largest in Australia with 120 members, both boys and girls. WVCG members were made very welcome. The Scout Group lead- er Adam Burge is also a member of the WVCG. Adam gave us a tour of their facili- ties, Boat Ramp, Club Rooms, Canoes and boats. They then put on a sumptuous BBQ for us and after a good evening we all headed back home.
Our thanks go to Adam Burge and his Sea Scouts for making us welcome and to WVCG members; Aaron FELL, Mick Jenner , Pedr HORLEY, Brad MITCHELL, and Tony VAN RHODA , who supplied their vehicles for the evening event.

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